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Syngenta Deception & Delays Costs Corn Farmers Millions

When a new product is introduced to the market, it is always important to be careful about its introduction. There are many harmful products that have been introduced throughout history because not enough research went into understanding them. Genetically modified foods are one of the most important innovations to be wary of. While they do offer a variety of important benefits, such as conserving water and nutrient requirements, there could be health hazards associated with some specific products.

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Corn Farmers are Banding Together to Recoup Losses

The majority of corn in the United States is produced using genetically modified seeds. These GMO crops are designed to be resistant to pests as well as need less nutrients and water. If corn is not labeled organic, it is virtually guaranteed to be genetically modified. The issue of genetic modification affects everyone, and many countries are seriously concerned about the potential health impacts. China’s concern with a new breed of GMO corn has led to one of the greatest agri-business lawsuits in recent times.

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China’s Corn Rejections Hurts Entire Corn Industry

Farming is a profession inherently filled with a multitude of risks. Everything from the weather to global economic trends affects the yields of crops and overall profitability of farming. The last thing farmers need is an additional source of hardship and worry. However, due to the premature introduction of a new type of genetically modified corn, yet another obstacle has appeared for farmers to address.

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